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In order to try out for the Orange Pride Drill Team at York Junior High, a candidate must:

  • Live in the York Junior High official boundary as established by CISD during the time of tryouts, or have been accepted as a transfer to York.

  • Have an overall semester average of 70 or higher with no more than one F for the semester. A student is eligible to try out for the next year if she has failed a course during the previous grading period.

  • Be in good standing with the grade level principal’s office. There must be no recurring behavior problems.

  • Students must have an attendance record that complies with the District attendance policy.

  • Students must have a parent or guardian attend information pre-tryout meeting.

  • Because of the vigorous nature of the physical activities required of drill team members, each candidate should be in excellent condition.


What to wear to tryouts?

  • ALL black form-fitting dance attire

  • Appropriate footwear

  • Makeup should be performance style makeup with red lipstick

  • Hair should be slicked back in a ponytail.

  • Examples include a Black Tank & Black Leggings, Black leotard and Black Tights. Undergarments, midriffs, and bottoms should not show.

How to prepare for tryouts?

Several local studios offer drill team prep classes and private lessons.

You can also watch YouTube videos for skills and stretching. 


Stretching and splits




Stationary Jump


Kick and splits

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